En Vogue Sculptured Gel Nails

Gel/New Set


French Fill


Regular Fill


Buff & Reseal


Gel Colour Fill


en Vogue Toes (French or Coloured)


*Nail art upon request


*Complimentary nail repair within 3 weeks

en Vogue Sculptured Nails

Non-toxic, highest quality gel resin on the market; gives you a strong, flexible nail that lets your natural nails flourish unlike other products that weaken and harm the nail.


en Vogue product in non-yellowing and sealed against fungus. The UV curing used by en Vogue is considered environmentally friendly, and does not produce any harmful radiatio or emissions that could harm the skin or natural nails.


Our certified professional nail technician has over 15 years' experience using en Vogue products and provides excellent nail care at affordable prices. She will shape to your nail without the excess thickness of other products giving you the most natural looking sculptured nails.